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Tons de Pedra practises a policy of “Immediate Information”.
6, July 2005

With us, you know exactly what materials you can count on at any given moment, what our current stock levels are and what quantities are wending their way to our warehouse from somewhere in the world. If you cannot wait for the samples to arrive, then photographs can be instantly provided, showing what materials we have in stock at that particular moment.

In a world where information has to be immediate, Tons de Pedra practises the most advanced model of stock management.

With us, you know at any given moment exactly what materials you can count on and in what quantities.  All office staff have access to the company’s stock levels. What’s more, all employees at Tons de Pedra also have access to orders that have been dispatched and are on their way to us, so that customers know exactly what they what they can count on and when, from Tons de Pedra, their supplier of marbles and granites from all over the world.

As soon as new stock comes in, it is given a bar code and photographed.  
Like this, we can guarantee Immediate Efficient Information, always at your service.

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