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The Natural Stone

Different Finishings


The sandblast finish is non-slip, quite rough and flat enough to be suitable for flooring.

It is not as rough as the bush-hammered finish but more irregular to the touch than the brushed.  It also shows up the original colour of the stone more than the bush-hammered, though less than the brushed.

These are three non-shivering solutions which offer a very different final product.  Talk to us and choose the best solution for your project!

3 unique toilets in Lisbon
Herdade at Arraiolos
3 Light-colored toilets at Estoril
2 Classic Bathing Areas in Montijo
Marble Chess at Toilet
Small and beautifull toilet at Algarve
Toilets and Kitchen, Restelo
Toilet "Ensuite" at Estoril
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