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The Natural Stone

Different Finishings


After the blocks have been extracted from the quarries, they are cut into slabs  typically 1cm, 2cm or 3cm thick, except for when they are destined for outdoor use or in other situations where they need to be thicker.
The sawn or rough finish is exactly what these slabs have when they have just come from the sawmill. 

The surface is not smooth to the touch, but is nevertheless flat enough for paving. 
Although it is not entirely slip-proof, the sawn stone is rougher than with the polished or honed finish. 
It does not show off the colour or texture of the materials, and is the most economical kind of finish, since all the others are carried out on top of rough material.
It is therefore ideal for lowcost projects and for use outdoors, particularly in places with a lot of bustle, where a polished finish would rapidly lose its shine characteristic, a honed finish would be too slippery and a non-slip finish could be too expensive.

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