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St Moritz: Estoril

Characterized for the great elegance in all the client’s choices, this project of Tons de Pedra involved not only the supply of 5 totally renewed bathrooms and one kitchen, but also the supply of material identical to the one already existent in the living-room floor and exterior wall.


BATHROOM 1: paving, wall cladding and vanity top in Ouro Real TP marble, polished.

BATHROOM 2: paving, wall cladding, vanity top and stalls in polished Travertino Beige Irão in the wet areas and honed with no filling in the other areas – the contrast was excellent!

BATHROOM 3: paving, walls, vanity top and stalls in polished Travertino Encarnado.

BATHROOM 4: paving, walling, wainscot, vanity top and stalls in polished Estremoz Branco Extra marble in the wet areas, and with combed finish on the panelling of the walls. The client chose to combine this material with blue terracota manual ceramic.

BATHROOM 5: paving and carved lavatory (unique thick piece) in polished Zimbabwe granite.

Living-Room: paving in Estremoz Branco Extra polished marble combined with strips and cabochons in Negro Marquina polishedmarble.

Kitchen: countertops in Ardósia Preta TP natural slate finishing with false fronts of 6cm thickness.

Exteriors: paving and staircase in Ataíja Beige Portuguese limestone bush-hammered and wall cladding on the same material but with a special finishing.


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