Tons de Pedra focuses in Natural Stone & Porcelain Stoneware, works for clients satisfaction, and aims for beauty.

We daily dedicate ourselves to the charm of Natural Stone: in the constant pursuit of the most beautiful Shades of Stone (Tons de Pedra) that Nature offers, in stocking a great variety of Natural Stones, in carrying out unique projects in marble and related materials.
We know stone, we trade it, we discuss availability with quarry-partners, we travel to source - in Portugal and around the World - we import, stock...
... and transform: slabs, tiles, Cut-to-Size, all kind of projects. from block to cut-to-size, from quarry to project.

We know all about Natural Stone’s unique characteristics such as book-matching, translucency, mechanical properties, vein-matching, cutting-direction… and we have experience in special fabrication processes like Honeycomb, Stork (stone & cork), ceramic-base…

As Premium Distributors of the Atlas universe our everyday is also dedicated to the best there is within the Porcelain Stoneware world: in the search for the most adequate varieties for each project, in stocking a wide Atlas range, in the answers, samples, logistic...


It is a day-to-day focused on beauty and design. 
We make experiences, we sample, we test stones, we take a lot of photos.
We innovate with stone, re-invent with the porcelain. We talk about it, we discuss each project in hands, we create and design with the materials, we breathe them.


When beauty comes to light. 

Tons de Pedra is a leading player in slabs. Forever committed to “the full range of y’s” > variety, novelty, quality, and persistently trendy.

We are fabricators, importers and stockists of slabs, which we sell to fabricators and companies in the sector, or cut to project. 

We saw slabs of Natural Stone in our 5 gang-saws equipment (including 1cm thickness) and bring-forth different finishes, treating the back whenever necessary or required. We can load in all kinds of transport equipment, either with A-frame or bundle packaging.

We regularly stock and wholesale over 140 different materials in slab - from Portugal and around the World: from marble to granite, through limestones, sandstones, slates, dolomites, quartzites, onyx’s, travertines, and man-made materials - namely Porcelain Stoneware.


The accomplishment.

Quality implies involvement. The dedication of each one to the other throughout the process: in supporting the prescriber, in the project concept, in the selection of the material, in the feasibility of manufacture, in the customer's expectation.

We daily dedicate ourselves to the supply of projects in Natural Stone and Porcelain Stoneware and we are able to respond to small and large projects. Our factories are well equipped with 5-axis cutting machinery and our manual finishing team excels in quality. Our day-to-day activities include on site measurement and preparation, presentation and approval of pre-fabrication drawings, and post-manufacture dry-lay whenever required.

We are expert manufacturers specialized in providing bespoke projects, and we enjoy new challenges.


Impossible to resist! We focus on Special Products because we are passionate about design. Special Products are exclusive and unique Cut-to-Size design pieces produced and stocked by Tons de Pedra.

It started as an irresistible will to try, probably because all the ingredients for creating design were right there, inspiring us: the raw materials, lots of color, a world of finishing possibilities, the equipment and the true artisans that our craftsmen team includes. Now, we offer well-defined models of design pieces such as washbasins, shower-Trays and magnificent decoration products.


Selection is our process when tiles are the focus.

Stone tile production is made in our tile lines > at Tons de Pedra hand-selection is standard production procedure.
The supply of tiles is an important area of our business. For both stockists regulars or project clients, our approach is:
Just in time production, which allows us to produce one single hand-selection for the quantity in order
Flexibility in dimensions, thicknesses, finishes, packaging and quantities
Quality in the product and the service that goes along with it


eXtra-Large. Freedom to mix & match. Habitat.

Technological innovation enhances the current need of architecture and construction.
Atlas surfaces are manufactured in a wide choice of XL formats and thicknesses, and an extensive range of colors and patterns.

From floors to kitchen countertops, including wall cladding, facades, pools & spas, stairs, tops or furniture... we coordinate the use in different applications for Habitat projects and environments - from residential to commercial spaces, indoor or outdoor applications. 


for trade or for our own production...

We dedicate to the detailed knowledge of stone resources, continuously electing the best sources of Natural Stone from Portugal and around the World.

We complement our slab offer with the supply of blocks. Our know-how on marbles and limestones from Portugal has many years of knowledge, insight, and familiarity with the extractive regions, which qualifies us as partners to our clients. In foreign raw materials we are regular and experienced importers. Tell us your needs and expectations. We will prepare your visit as a client - so that the days you can make available for visitation are worth the years of our experience.

We have a five gang-saws capacity for sawing blocks into slabs - 1cm thickness included, - and six mono-blades/wires for block shaping and cut-to-size, which enables us for the supply of projects in massive stone.


Finishings open up a whole new world of possibilities. Texturing surfaces is an art.

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