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Material of the month: Branco Thassos
Tha marble "Branco Thassos" is the pure-whitest material that...
Tons de Pedra practises a policy of “Immediate Information”.
With us, you know exactly what materials you can count on at...
A Tons de Pedra
Tons de Pedra, whose warehouse is located in the area of Pêro Pinheiro, is an importer, manufacturer and point of sale for more than 100 Natural Stones, including marble, granite, travertines, limestones, onyxes and dolomites.
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Natural Stone
Tons de Pedra's Natural Stone catalogue includes marbles, granites, onyxes, limestones, travertines and dolomites from all over the world.
Stone Caring Products
Tons de Pedra and SCI offer you products for Protection, Maintening and Restoring of your Natural Stone.
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