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Who We Are

Welcome to Tons de Pedra Online, your source of information about our collection of natural stone from all over the world.

Tons de Pedra, whose warehouse is located in the area of Pêro Pinheiro, imports, transforms and markets stone products, from the raw material to the finished product, seeking to satisfy both the professional market and the final consumer.

The company’s constantly updated collection today includes more than 100 different types of stone, from marble and onyx to granite, travertines, limestones and slate.
Constantly investing in the discovery of new colours and unique geological formations, Tons de Pedra aims to offer all the different tones and shades of stone that nature will allow.

Offering first-class customer service, high quality and transparency in its dealings, the company also has a collection of products to treat and protect natural stone that have been engineered using the most modern technology.

Our spacious modern premises are open to anyone who wishes to pay a visit. Feel free to wander around our 1500m2 warehouse, viewing the various stone slabs of different hues and qualities, or make yourself at home in the comfort of a display room, where you can choose the marble most suitable for your project. 

Tons de Pedra is a compulsory port of call for architects, designers and planners, a space where natural stone is displayed, developed, commercialized and discussed at all times.

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