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Stone Caring Products

Tons de Pedra, oriented as it is to the development of natural stone, offers a great range of products from all over the world, and is committed to a policy of constant innovation and improvement of application techniques. It is natural, therefore, that it should also stock a range of Products to Treat and Protect Natural Stone.

Exclusive importer of SCI – Stone Care International, the company brings American products to Portugal, created to high quality standards, always with attention to consumer satisfaction and the protection of the natural stone.

As the range of materials available to the designer increases and cutting techniques used in the marble and granite industry evolve, there is an ever-growing need to protect and care for these materials.   With SCI products, it is possible to protect and preserve the beauty and functioning of natural stone.

Tons de Pedra and SCI have a wide range of products available to care for your stone:

Within each of these categories, each product has been specially developed to satisfy different needs and to solve different kinds of problems that can arise in the treatment of diverse materials, such as marble, onyx, slates, travertine, granite, limestones, etc.

In this area, we have one complete manual available for you to download completely free of charge:

SCI Instruction Manual – a manual providing complete step-by-step programmes for your natural stones.  From kitchen tops to fireplaces, outdoor walls, slate paving, etc, there are programmes for treating all kinds of stone products. You can learn how to waterproof, clean, remove stains or revive any area or zone where natural stone has been applied.
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The Range of Treatment Products available at Tons de Pedra:

Stone Spray-N-Seal
Stone Spray-N-Seal XP
Stone Quest
Clean Encounters
Deep Cleaner for Corian
StoneGlide Wipes
PPP – Plain Poultice Powder
RPP – Rust Poultice Powder
FPP – Food Poultice Powder
OPP – Oil Poultice Powder
IPP – Ink Poultice Powder
MPP – Mold/Mildew Poultice Powder
International Stone Polish
Stone Color Enhancer
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