3 Light-Colored Bathrooms in Estoril

Estoril, Portugal

Crema Marfil, Beige Travertine and Noce Travertine: each material for each division.

The smallest toilet had a beautiful outcome in Noce Travertine, resined and polished finishing. Rectangular pieces of one fixed dimention for the floors and walls, and 2 cut-to-size pieces: the shower base, totally adapted to ‘that corner’, our design model made out from 3cm thickness material; and the lavatory top with the frontal skirt and polished profile.

In the second bathroom the format was similar but the material is Beige Travertine and the shower base is replaced by a bathtub.

The ensuite bathroom keeps the light color shaded warm materials but is paved and walled in Crema Marfil marble of quadrangular pieces of our regular stock. A classic, luminous, elegant environment.

Outside, the Triesta marble in the bush hammered finish creates a small well-being space, where chairs and umbrellas organize the daily rest.

Materials Used

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