House in Mafra

Mafra, Portugal

For this house in Mafra, in which the owner chose and bought the natural stone by her own, the results were excellent. Practical and determined person, the client visited us with exact ideas of what she wanted and of the house-style she had imagined for herself.

Inside, the perfect choice for the house at stand: only one material in the general pavements and bathrooms (5). The house is, in fact, a big ample space in one sole plant in which the divisions are lost by the harmonious and continuous floor in polished Beige Travertine.

On the kitchen, the Portuguese marble Rosa Aurora Light polished finished and extra white selection to respect the choice of the client that had soon imagined a modern black&white kitchen.

For the exterior pavements, Sunny Light in the brushed finishing. Non-shivering and very comfortable at sight and touch, this finishing allowed maintaining the light-yellow tone of the marble itself and, therefore, combining the material with the color of the house facade and with the exterior furniture.

Materials Used

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