House in Tomar

Tomar, Portugal

Located in the historic center of Tomar, we provided this house in five areas: entrance hall, three bathrooms and kitchen. Different marbles are used in four areas of the house, leaving the kitchen an excellent bet on bolder granite.

At the entrance, the Bianco Carrara and the Black Marquina mark the starting point: a checkered pattern that launches us from the entrance door to a warm and welcoming room.

The 1st bathroom continues the checkered pattern in Bianco Carrara and Black Marquina. The walls and top are in Bianco Carrara.

In the other bathroom, the Blue Acquamarina marble, due to its sky blue hue, gives the space an impressive lightness and luminosity.

For the main bathroom, Rosa Aurora Light and Rosa Aurora Pink marbles were supplied, both with extra selection and both Portuguese marbles extracted in the anticlinal of Vila Viçosa-Borba-Estremoz. A highlight for the use of cabouchants on the floor, an always elegant option that guarantees the combination of the two marbles.

Eucalipto Green granite was chosen for the kitchen: pavement and countertops. With a light green hue, sprinkled with exotic burgundy, Eucalipto Green was a bold bet and with excellent final results later combined with the wood of the cabinets and the tile on the walls.


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