House in the Azores

Azores , Portugal

This was the first Project supplied by us which had every agreement and detail solved by email. The supply itself, of course, was real and shipped by sea with the Portuguese island Azores as final destination.

The owner started by selecting some materials on our website. She filled out our contact form asking for some samples and giving out some information for us to elaborate some price proposals. After receiving the samples and prices the choices were made, the decisions were taken and the order was confirmed.

Later, we received some drawings and final shopping-tickets with all the dimensions and characteristics of the pieces that should be supplied. This work of on-site-measuring and preparation, that we can also serve, was, in this case, and because of the geographic differences made-out by someone of the owner's trust.

Results? A marvelous bathroom in Sienna marble, a material of brow-pinkish background and clear white veining to sort with the white lavatories and sinks; and an astonishing fireplace walled-out in polished Royal Onyx.

A special thanks to the owners that sent us some pictures. 

Materials Used

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