Tops for Bathrooms, Lapa

Lisbon, Portugal

In the heart of Lapa, Lisbon, this apartment was supplied with bathroom and kitchen tops, always combined with tiles previously chosen by the client.

For the "cream bathroom", and this is the original name the client gave to the area, Crema Marfil was applied to the vanity top with a polished opening for a built-in washbasin, with an apron and a table-top wheel.

In the "green bathroom", Thassos White dolomite was chosen for the vanity top with built-in washbasin, apron and wheel-top. Note the flap joining the apron to the top: an elegant detail that works as an aesthetic and functional element (disguising the gluing of the top to the apron piece).

For the kitchen, combined with the beautiful original ceramics of the house, the option was for the Portuguese marble Rosa Aurora Light in an extra selection. A light veining and a white background for a classic tasted kitchen.


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