3 Splendid Bathrooms at Guia

Cascais, Portugal

Placed at Cascais, this apartment was supplied with 3 distinct materials, all marbles, for 3 different bathrooms.

On the social bathroom the clients’ choice was for the marble Indian Green.

Of a splendid green, this material was applied on the walls and floor of the area also and composed an unique lavatory design piece made from the perfect gluing and finishing of 3cm thickness material.
The quality of our work primes for its perfect finishing in all the gluing, in such a way that the lavatory really looks like an unique thick piece…

On the common bathroom the chosen marble was Pinta Verde. The paving and some of the walls of the bathroom were panelled in this material, the same one that was applied on the vanity top and its flank.

On the third suite-bathroom the client selected the marble Bianco Carrara on its CD quality.
Of intemporal beauty, this Italian marble is extracted from the Carrara region. It was applied on the floor, walls and shelves of the bathroom. The results are excellent!


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