Pavements and Kitchen Island, Lda-a-Velha

Algés, Oeiras, Portugal

Located in the centre of Linda-a-Velha (Lisbon), this project of ours was supplied in two different areas and materials: the counter-island-top of the kitchen in Antique Green and the paving of the entrance hall in Ataíja Blue.

In the kitchen there is one countertop that gets your eye: the one on top of the island. It is the beauty of the Antique Green marble in all its nature. The client drew and designed this kitchen-top very carefully and detailed: the piece has false-fronts to give the appearence of 6cm thickness tops and several other details that make it an unique magnificent piece.

For the paving of the common areas, entrance hall and corridors, the owner chose the portuguese limestone Ataíja Blue in its polished finishing. Standard 40*40cm pieces, dimension perfectly suitable for the space in matter, that he then combined with light-blue coloured walls.

Materials Used

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