Fireplace and 3 Restrooms at Malveira-Guincho condo

Cascais, Portugal

At the private condo Malveira-Guincho, there is a place of exquisite taste with 3 bathrooms and 1 fireplace supplied by us.

The fireplace, made in Black & Gold marble, has no need for effusive commentaries about its beauty and strength.

For a more economic bathroom the choice was for the 30,5*30,5*1cm tile in Amarelo Negrais of 2nd choice. The careful selection of our “standard tiles” offers this kind of opportunities: the material that was not selected for the “standard quality” is named “of 2nd choice” and sold cheap. The difference? A smaller color selection compared to the regular one.

For the small toilet the marble Indus Gold cut-to-size completed a very nice job.

At the main bathroom two marbles were combined: Emperador Dark (commercial quality) in the walls and Galala on the floor and top. A large area full of cut-to-size glamorous polished marble.


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