Apartment in Amoreiras

Lisbon, Portugal

With a fantastic view site over Lisbon, in this apartment at the Amoreiras area you will find 3 toilets with the our “quality stamp”.

In the guests toilet the marble Black & Gold walls up to 90cm height and creates a vanity top with our ‘designed lavatory’. The combination with the woods is perfect!

For the common bathroom the option went for the Beige Travertine, resined and polished. Floor, walls and top creating a light division, with warm and uniform cream tones and, yet, full of life!

The ensuite area combines the marbles Bianco Carrara and Black Marquina in a modern area. Floors and walls in Bianco Carrara with one only wall and top in Black Marquina. The shower base is composed by 3 big pieces with approximately 0,5cm gaps in all perimeter, allowing the waters to run naturally…


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