Special Pieces: Table Feet


On this project of ours we show some special pieces made from 3cm thickness raw-material. Feet/supports for table tops and a whole table structure for a smaller table. Pieces drawed and created by one professional and executed with the highest quality of our company.

The dinning-table-top-supports in the pictures appear to have 20cm thickness. In reality, the whole piece is made out from 3cm thickness pieces that, through anguled cuts and perfect gluings, result in finished apparently-solid-pieces, with two obvious advantages: the weight and the price.

The materials chosen were Sunny Light for one of the sets of feet and Golden Cream for the second set. The finish is polished.

The table structure is an unique piece until today. Also made from 3cm thickness material, this work of art results from the coordination, work and envolving of several people, from the projector and creator to the polishing-guy at the factory. It was executed in Golden Cream. It has an unique design and the final product is at sight!


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